Our Beauty Treatments

For inner and outer beauty

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here at the Christophorus Mountain Residence, we combine beauty and nature by using the aroma of fresh herbs and pure essential oils. This is why our products are packed with natural ingredients to relax you. Our team of experts is always on hand to advise and help you select the treatment you desire.
Facial Treatments
Christophorus Facial Treatment Base
This facial treatment is individually tailored to your skin needs and includes cleansing, exfoliation, deep cleansing or massage, mask and day cream.
Price: 59.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
S.O.S. Sensi
Our facial treatment for skin that is sensitive and prone to reddening. A gentle peeling follows a cleansing to remove dead skin cells. An intensive serum brings your skin back into balance.
Price: 63.50 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Ultra Lift
This treatment is for tense, tired and mature skin which is affected by so much environmental exposure. This pack, full with antioxidants, gives your skin new luminance, stops radical accumulation, is regenerating, and acts as a preventive measure in the ageing process
Price: 85.00 €
Duration: 75 minutes
Puri Solution
Intensive clarifying and balancing facial treatment, which rids the skin of impurities and revives their luminosity. High antibacterial effect.
Price: 75.00 €
Duration: 75 minutes
Hydra Experience
This facial is suitable for all skin types with intensive moisture loss. Your skin feels a sense of well-being, resilience and absolute comfort. The moisture deficits will compensated.
Price: 63.50 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Eye treatment
Firming and relaxing eye treatment that reduces fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Can be booked as an individual treatment or additional treatment with all facials.
Price: 20.00 €
Duration: 20 minutes
Forever Young
The facial treatment counteracts the effects of time. It stimulates cell regeneration and the vital functions of the skin are reactivated. Radiance, reduced lines and wrinkles are the result.
Price: 89.90 €
Duration: 80 minutes
Eyebrow correction; Eyebrow tint
Price: 12.50 €
Duration: 10 minutes
Eyebrow and Eyelash tint
Price: 18.00 €
Duration: 15 minutes
Upper lip waxing
Price: 10.00 €
Duration: 10 minutes
Body treatments
Christophorus Luxury Experiences
Enjoy a wonderful full body treatment with luxurious skincare ingredients. 
Price: 55.00 €
Duration: 45 minutes
Your body’s energies are regenerated with a body scrub, enriched with gold-activated micro beads. The final massage with delicate melting balm of myrrh and hazelnut oil stimulates the vital energy and promotes total relaxation of body and soul. The wonderfully fragrant scents will help you to unplug and start dreaming.
Revitalization for tired and heavy legs
This treatment for your feet will relieve the smooth textures and cooling off a feeling of tired and heavy, swollen legs. 
Price from: 49.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Through an intense peeling you get a sense of invigorating freshness and well-being. A subsequent pressure point massage optimize the treatment outcome and the legs feel relaxed again.
Purifying Back Treatment
The back is prepared by an exfoliating scrub and warm steam, then the deep cleaning is performed. A moisturizing pack is applied to calm and finally the treatment ends with a soft care cream.
Price: 55.00 €
Duration: 45 minutes
Hay Flowers Scrub
The relaxing peeling with mountain salt and fragrant hay flowers cleans the skin deeply and stimulates the regeneration and blood circulation. The skin acquires natural shine.
Price: 35.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Sea Salt Scrub
Cleanses the skin, detoxifies and stimulates blood circulation. The powerful active ingredients of lemongrass donate moisturize and freshness to your skin.
Price from: 35.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Slimming and firming
To treat the cellulite. A tailored treatment for a personal experience to fit the silhouette and give new energy and vitality to the body.
Price: 62.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
For delicate and well-groomed hands. The nails are shaped and the cuticles are pushed back. At the end an intensive care is massaged into the hands. 
Price from: 30.00 €
Duration: 40 minutes
Manicure 40 min. – 30.00 €
Manicure with polish 50 min. – 34.00 €
French manicure 50 min. – 38.00 €
Manicure with Shellac (permanent polish) 80 min. – 46.00 €
Soft Manicure
A pampering treatment for soft and beautiful hands. After a hands peeling manicure is performed. At the end the hands are massaged with an intensive care cream.
Price: 49.00 €
Duration: 75 minutes
After a warm foot bath, the nails are trimmed and shaped. The cornea and the cuticles are gently removed. At the end you will relax with an enjoyable massage.

Price from: 41.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Pedicure 50 min. – 41.00 €
Pedicure with polish 50 min. – 46.00 €
French Pedicure 60 min. – 50.00 €
Pedicure with Shellac (permanent polish) 80 min. – 55.00 €
Soft Pedicure
A pampering treatment for soft and beautiful feet. After a foot scrub pedicure is performed. Afterwards your feet are massaged with an intensive care cream.
Price: 64.00 €
Duration: 75 minutes
Price from: 10.00 €
Full body (Full leg, Groin, Armpits) Seet depil € 53.00 Warm Waxing € 48.00
Half leg Seet depil € 27.00 Warm Waxing € 24.00
Full leg Seet depil € 40.00 Warm Waxing € 36.00
Groin Seet depil € 15 – 20 Warm Waxing € 13 – 18
Armpits Seet depil € 16.00 Warm Waxing € 14.00
Arms Seet depil € 19.00 Warm Waxing € 17.00
Chest or back Seet depil € 26.00 Warm Waxing € 24.00
Upper lip Seet depil € 11.00 Warm Waxing € 10.00
Christophorus Massage Steinöl
Massage with intensive effects on muscles. Ideal after sports activities to loosen the muscles. We use the special and rich oil and skin tonic of Tyrolean Steinöl®.
Price: 65.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Aromatic Oil Massage
This treatment has a deeply relaxing effect, reduces stress and gives the body a wholesome state of inner peace and tranquillity. 
Price: 63.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Mental and physical energies are stimulated. For general relaxation and after sport activities, various herbal oils are individually selected and adapted to your specific needs. 
The Trilogy of Payot
Your choices are three precious oil combinations.

Price: 63.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Bergamot and peppermint oil: Firming and revitalizing
Orange and grapefruit oil: purifying and soothing
Almond and pistachio oil: moisturizing and relaxing
Honey back treatment
This intensive back treatment releases tensions. 

Price: 61.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
For centuries honey has been used as a natural remedy. A special massage technique is employed to rub natural honey deep into the skin layers and gently removes impurities. Acting intensively on meridians, the whole organism is stimulated and strengthened.
Dorsally resonance massage
A treatment that combines traditional alpine methods with proven techniques from ancient cultures. 

Price: 61.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
A relaxing manual back massage, combined with cupping glasses and a warm massage roller brings harmony to body and soul. Finally, the vibrations of Tibetan sounding bowls flow through the whole body. The sound waves provide wellbeing and relaxation. The stress flow away.
Hot Stones Massage
This ancient massage technique uses warm lava stones to massage the body.
Price from: 63.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
 All tensions will be released and the energy in the meridians reactivated. It leaves a sensation of lightness and wellbeing.
Swiss Pine Massage
Feel the Nature directly on your body. 
Price: 63.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
With special pineal wooden rods, this massage is a unique experience. The muscles are loosened and relaxed. The respiratory tract and the immune system will be strengthened.
Ayurveda: Abhyanga
The most renowned of all Ayurveda massages. 

Price: 78.00 €
Duration: 70 minutes
An indescribable feeling of entirety arises when each centimetre of the body is poured with warm, special oils, and massaged by gentle hands afterwards. The single energy zones and points are lovingly treated in a playful way. Toxins are loosened from the tissue. Shiny appearance, energy and vitality will return.
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
This massage very gently stimulates the lymph circulation in your body, detoxifies and relaxes. 
Price: 60.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
It is practiced, for instance, to treat oedema and cellulite and for problems with water retentions. We suggest to combine this massage with a sea salt bath.

Reflexology Massage
Our feet are a mirror of our whole body. Stimulating a certain point on the sole of the foot has an associated influence on the corresponding area of the body and can restore its energetic balance.

Price: 44.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Classic Massage
This massage loosens the muscles and increases oxygenation. Soft kneading provide internal balance. We recommend this treatment in combination with a fango pack.

Price from: 39.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Christophorus Harmony
This head, face and neck massage involves gentle, relaxing strokes as well as pressure on specific vital points. 
Price: 39.00 €
Duration: 20 minutes
The intensive stimulation revitalizes the skin of face and scalp and activates the flow of Prana – the life energy – in head and neck. A perfect path to clear head and the ideal way to switch off!

Christophorus Combi
A head, face and neck massage in combination with a Reflexology Massage.

Price: 60.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Hay Flowers Peeling Massage
The relaxing peeling massage with oil, and fragrant hay flowers cleans the skin deeply and stimulates the regeneration and blood circulation. The skin acquires natural shine. Afterwards we recommend a moisturizing pack.
Price from: 35.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Alpine Soft Packs
Alpine Pack with or without partial massage
Apline Pack 25 Min. – € 39.00
Alpine Pack and partial massage 50 Min. – € 70.00
Price from: 39.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Mountain Arnica & Amber©: Bath and feel the power of the Sun Herbs pervading your body and soul. This revitalizing bath gives new energy to joints and weary muscles. The combined powers of the active principles of arnica and amber erase stress and release all kinds of tensions.
Wild Thyme & Stone Pine©: Detoxify your body and relax in pleasant atmosphere. Wild thyme stimulates skin metabolism, enlivens skin issues and strengthens nerves. Together with the equalizing effect of stone pine on blood circulation, this healthy bath gives new energy to your respiratory apparatus and nervous system.
Alpine Mud & Dwarf Pine©: An absolute “must” for lovers of Alpine wellbeing. Dwarf pine trees emanate the typical Alpine scent which, mixed with fine grained natural sediments, enhances detoxification through the skin and helps to bring about invigorating effects.
Calendula and Camomile©: A special treatment for weak and tired skin. Calendula and camomile activate cell regeneration and have an emollient effect upon irritated skin: your skin tone regains freshness and dry skin becomes soft and fair.
Tyrolean Steinöl-Fango All joints are treated wonderfully with the body wrap. Stone oil from the Achensee are applied by a heat treatment directly to the body as a mud pack. Very pleasant after sports and other activities.
Hay Bath
Hay Bath 40 min. – € 49.00
Hay Bath with partial massage 60 min. – € 75.00
Price from: 49.00 €
Duration: 40 minutes
According to an ancient tradition, sleeping one single night on hay is enough to make you feel completely regenerated. The alpine herbs contained in the hay are the secret of this treatment. The heat makes give off the active ingredients of the herbs that are absorbed by the body, stimulating the circulation and relieving joint and muscular pain.
Massage Bath
Cleopatra Bath
Milk was used as luxurious skin moisturizer even in ancient cultures. Cleopatra, the legendary Egyptian queen, was known to soak herself in luxurious baths of goat milk and honey. Thanks to the healing and hydrating properties of milk, this bath is highly recommended for all those who have problems with dry and weary skin.

Sea Salt Bath
This bath contains many minerals, purifi es the organism and at the same time cleanses the skin.

Orange blossom Bath©
Our orange blossom bath helps alleviating stress and regaining mental balance.

Dwarf Pine Bath©
Dwarf pine essences strengthen the immune system and confer vitality.

Thyme Bath©
This bath revs up your immune system. Recommended especially during the flu season.

Tyrolean Vital Bath
To regenerate and revitalize body and mind. The rich bath is characterized by a composition of high-quality essential oils. In addition, jojoba and soya oil pamper your skin.
Price: 38.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Just for men
Face special treatment for men
Great facial treatment for the well-groomed man. With regenerating and moisturizing care products of Payot Homme „OptiMale“. The skin is cleaned and re-stimulated. The result: a smooth skin and a face full of energy.
Price: 75.00 €
Duration: 70 minutes
Christophorus Sportsman Pack
Pack 25 min. – € 39.00
Pack with partial massage 50 min. – € 72.00
Price from: 39.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Rosemary increases the blood circulation of the muscles and relaxes. The St. John’s herb oil helps to relieve muscle pain, even more effective in combination with a partial massage.
Sports Massage
Powerful massage with intensive effects on the muscles – in preparation for sport activities or for relaxing the muscles afterwards.
Price: 65.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Alpine Mud & Dwarf Pine©
Pack 25 min. – € 39.00
Pack with partial massage 50 min. – € 72.00
Price from: 39.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
An absolute “must” for lovers of Alpine wellbeing. Dwarf pine trees emanate the typical Alpine scent which, mixed with fine grained natural sediments, enhances detoxification through the skin and helps to bring about invigorating effects.
Relax Massage
Massage 50 min. – € 57.00
Massage with pack 75 min. – € 90.00
Price from: 57.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
This relaxing full-body massage releases muscle tension and creates a feeling of harmony and wellbeing. Even more effective in combination with a fango pack.
Cosmetic for the men
Pedicure 50 min. – € 30.00
Manicure 50 min. – € 41.00
Back waxing 20 min. – € 24.00
Chest waxing 20 min. – € 24.00
Price from: 20.00 €
Duration: 50 minutes
Kids & Teens
Fresh Facial Treatment
The facial treatment to get to know.  With cleansing, gentle exfoliation, mask  or massage and sensitive cream.

Price: 45.00 €
Duration: 45 minutes
Clear Facial Treatment
The facial treatment for teens who tend  to small blemishes and irritations. With cleansing, gentle exfoliation, deep cleansing and soothing mask.

Price: 45.00 €
Duration: 45 minutes
Teens Manicure
Including bath, small basic manicure,  hand massage and polish.

Price: 25.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Teens Pedicure
Including foot bath, small basic pedicure, foot massage and polish.

Price: 28.00 €
Duration: 25 minutes
Chocolate Massage
Price: 30.00 €
Duration: 20 minutes
Harmony Wellness Massage
Price: 28.00 €
Duration: 20 minutes
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