Our Sauna Oasis

Relax and switch off from your daily routine

A visit to the sauna isn’t just about sweating healthily, it’s about an intense cleansing of the skin, both inside and out. A trip to the sauna optimises your complexion and makes you truly shine. Three different types of sauna await you at the Christophorus Mountain Residence. Try them all out and discover which ones are the best for you and your body.

Finnish Sauna

For many, the traditional Finnish sauna is the original and most popular type of sauna. Here, you’ll relax on warm, wooden benches as temperatures reach 80-95°C. You can adjust the height of the benches to your own comfort, making this sauna experience a personal one.


The Sanarium® is a gentle organic sauna, in which you can enjoy a low temperature of 60°C and 50% humidity. The Sanarium® is a derivative of the classic Finnish sauna, where beneficial essences are sprayed into the cabin. The lower temperatures in this sauna make it particularly suitable for those with weak hearts and circulatory problems.

Salt Steam Room

The salt steam room is a gentle sauna. At a temperature of 35-45°C, it is especially beneficial as it helps clear your airways. It can also work wonders for your complexion due to the sea salt we use.