Summer Experiences in the Dolomites

Mountain biking, climbing… pure adrenaline

Summer, sun, San Vigilio – our location here, in the heart of the Dolomites, is truly showcased during the warmer season. Whether you’re on foot, on two wheels, hanging from a rocky ledge or working out on an outdoor fitness course, one thing is guaranteed… these are experiences that will stay with you forever. Attempt a new challenge each day and have a go at whatever your heart desires. There’s nothing to stop you having the time of your life in the most beautiful period of the year!

Mountain Biking

If you’ve already been cycling in the mountains, you’ll know what ‘freedom’ means. In the Dolomites, however, on our 600km of trails, this is taken to the max as each breathtaking view is instantly followed by another. Cross-country cycling, watching beautiful natural landscapes race by and feeling the wind in your hair… this is mountain biking in San Vigilio!


Climbing gardens, harsh rock faces, spiky mountain summits – alongside the simpler and more challenging climbing opportunities, here in San Vigilio, you can look forward to enjoying our unique natural landscape in much more ways besides. The Dolomites are among the most impressive climbing areas in the world.

Pure Adrenaline

If you want to feel that adrenaline buzz, you don’t always have to have both feet on the ground. Zooming down into the valley on a zipwire will give you that indescribable rush you’re craving as you descend three kilometres, starting from a height of 400m. The best thing about it all? The zipline is open in summer and winter!