San Vigilio Hiking Heaven

Our pristine mountain world in the Dolomites

San Vigilio di Marebbe is a place that’s teeming with outdoor activities. One of which, surely the most popular, is hiking. The possibilities for discovering the area on foot are pretty much endless. Whether you’re after simple family walks your children can enjoy or challenging mountain summits – there’s something for everything here! Putting together your own tour is easy on our hiking trails as they’re well marked and appropriate for all ability levels.
Our guests often ask us which hike is the best, which tour is worth attempting. Both for families with pushchairs or prams, and for those who crave that adrenaline rush as they approach the summit of a mountain. The 90-minute round trip to Ciamaur via Chi Rauc is great for those who’d like to get a taste of what the mountain world surrounding San Vigilio has to offer. More experienced hikers can opt for a longer hike from Lè Dla Creda to the Perderü mountain inn. The Ciastlins waterfalls are an impressive highlight, the perfect spot to take a break and catch your breath. Mountaineers will just love Piz da Peres or Furcia Rossa, which can now be reached via a newly expanded fixed rope route… this is an adventure no true mountain fan should miss!