For carefree holidays

Our everyday life has changed, but our longing for travel and a break has remained. With our own security measures, we South Tyrolians strive to offer you a safe holiday experience. We create space for you, so that you will feel even more comfortable on your next stay. As carefree as possible, as safe as necessary!
Special booking conditions until October 19th, 2020:
Bookings can be rebooked or canceled free of charge up to 14 days before the planned arrival for reasons of Covid. The deposit already paid will be refunded to you or converted into a holiday voucher.

Your Personal Space:
In our vast natural landscape, you will find space to take a deep breath and enjoy the newly gained freedom. You can recharge your batteries in the quiet retreat valleys, on the wide high alpine pastures and in the rough forests.
With our lodging facilities, we also guarantee you the necessary space you need. Our reception is at your disposal at any time and can be contacted directly from the apartment.

Carefree Breakfast:
For families and people who live in the same apartment, wearing a mask at the table is not required. The necessary distance between the tables is also guaranteed (1.5 meters between the people sitting in the front and 1 meter in all other directions). Our service staff are equipped with the appropriate safety equipment. Thanks to our reservation system, queues at the front desk are avoided.

Carefree Relaxation:
You can relax in the sauna area and on the new whirlpool terrace while observing the safety distances. Our beauty area is also available with many innovations.

Pre check-in:
To start your holiday immediately upon arrival without waiting, we ask you to send us the personal details of all travelers a few days before your arrival.

Safety for All:
To ensure a carefree holiday, we provide plenty of means for disinfection, all over the grounds. Mouth-and-nose protection and other safety equipment is also available.
For a carefree stay, we provide sufficient means for disinfection all over the house.

A Well-Informed Holiday:
In south Tyrol, our everyday life is gradually returning to normal. You can use our mountain bikes, for young and adults, again.
The shops, restaurants, and bars in town, as well as the museums and shelters have recently been reopened for you - of course with the necessary precautions.

More Heart Than Ever:
A lot is different, but we are still the same. Your satisfaction and a high level of quality remain our highest standards. Our staff is always available to you and advise you in all situations.

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